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ParaGraphics is a graphic design firm that has been expressing its creativity since 1986. We have extensive experience in a broad range of graphic design projects including corporate identity, brochures, annual reports and display design. Whether it is a small document or a big report, we have the skills and creativity to convey your visual message and produce a professional piece.

Being in the business of communication, we believe that the best way to get your graphic design project completed, with the best results, is to speak directly to the designer working on your project. At ParaGraphics, you talk directly to your graphic designer.

We have the experience and systems in place to complete your project on time and to your specifications. All work is completed in house by ParaGraphics staff to our high standards.

How can ParaGraphics help you with your graphic design needs?

What do we do?

Has anyone asked "What do you do for a living?" and when you answered they changed the subject because they had no idea what your job is? We have experienced it and felt we should provide a description.

What we do at ParaGraphics is create documents for print or web that combine text and graphics in a clean and visually pleasing way. We strive to evoke an emotional response with visuals, and not just any response, but one that enforces the intended message. This can range from the size and style of typeface we use, to the colour or use of colour on the page. Each project has its own specifications and needs and we address those needs in a creative and meaningful way. It is our job to create the graphics, format the copy, worry about the page and delivery media as a whole, all while incorporating the wishes of our clients.

ParaGraphics has worked with many different companies with differing needs. Here is a list of some of our clients.

City of Edmonton

Alberta Health and Wellness

Alberta Seniors

Alberta Advanced Education and Technology

Alberta Education

Town of Stony Plain

Alberta Environment

Alberta Justice and Attorney General

Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation

Alberta Municipal Affairs

Grant MacEwan University

Provincial Archives of Alberta

Edmonton Police Service

Office of Traffic Safety

Alberta Motor Association

PDD - Edmonton Board

Riverwatch Science

Alberta Human Rights

Alberta Pensions Services Corporation

Archives Society of Alberta

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development

Diversified Steel Products

Alberta Culture and Community Spirit

Maple Leaf Gold

Safety Codes Council

Edmonton Transit Systems

Frontline Defense Systems

Magnum Opus Promotions

Alberta Water Council

Stony Plain Horticultural Society

CASA-Child and Adolescent Services


CASA-Clean Air Strategic Alliance





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